Feltham fairytales LP

by Kaonashi

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This is truly an exceptional story. A series of love letters sent early 2012 caused these odes and melodies into existence.


This enchanting fairytale between two lovers... is based on real life events. It is pretty close to how everything happened.

It could be said to be a sad story. But the sadness is just a temporary view. It was a necessary experience for all, and they all lived sometimes happily and sometimes sadly, ever after.


released April 10, 2014

- Remastered, compiled with 'lyrics' (the real original love letters that wrote the music) and rereleased May 2016.



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Growing up without each other
Once upon a time in a boring grey and well organised country, a pretty and cute girl lived. She had light flowing hair and sweet freckles on her nose.

She seemed to be a good and clever girl, but she had a secret no one knew about. Every night before she went to sleep she wildly fantasised about a jungle prince, who lived on a small island, far far away.

He was really handsome with sweet dark brown eyes and beautiful well formed abs. He lived in a small wooden shed in the woods together with his wild wolf. And instead of driving a car he rode an large slurfed elephant. But the most extraordinary thing about this boy were his magic hands. He had the nicest touch she ever felt and these fingers could bring her in another world. He knew just where to stroke her, and she was all his...
Track Name: Resting at a waterfall
Because the girl missed her jungle boy so much, she couldn't stop thinking about him. She thought about the day she met him. How he saved her from a big burning ball of fire, that was trying to singe her soft pale skin…

To cool down her warm body he took her to a splashing cold waterfall. He climbed the biggest trees to pick her fresh coconuts and bananas, without falling out... Then he used his magic hands to make her a wonderful fruit shake that they shared under a large boom, called tree.

After that they climbed the rocks and jump from the one to another. She felt safe with him but also really excited...

She trusted him, so she followed him in to a narrow cave. He lead her deeper and deeper under the streaming water, trying to comfort her with his sweet soft voice whenever she got scared. And protecting her from the snakes and iguanas that lived there. He would scare them away with one hand, while he used his other hand to stroke and soothe her. Then they reached a small lake, with clear purling water.

And right there and then he washed her.. He washed away the glue, that made her stick in the prison of suffocation expectations... The social structure that tried to strangle her spirit, until all the spontaneous and original energies where squeezed out.

So she came out clean, pure and free from a forced future...

Full of rising opportunities and hopes...
Track Name: Hundreds of butterflies fluttering
After they were done swimming the renewed girl was so tired she could fall asleep anywhere. Luckily there was a small but enchanting wooden shack waiting for a special one like her to come in for a long time...

Her strong prince carried her upstairs, he climbed the 100 steps, without even getting tired. When she opened her eyes she couldn't believe what she was seeing; a wide beautiful ocean, whose scents were floating in the waves of air around her.

In the trees, monkeys were chasing each other, while making welcoming gestures to her with their paws. And then the saw the most magical object she’d ever seen. In the corner of the little shack there was a big pile of soft pillows surrounded by hundreds of fluttering butterflies. They protected the boy during the night against mean stingy mosquitos with their colourful but strong wings.

It was the perfect place for dreams far beyond your own imagination. Creating new ideas, new thoughts would come up spontaneously and old problems would solve themselves…

After the boy whispered something in a soft round language, the butterflies moved aside, as if a curtain of bright colours were slowly sliding open. And there was fluffy corner full of peaceful sleep and comfortable dreams waiting for her. At least, she thought...
Track Name: Their desire multiplied
She could feel his soft breath stroking her neck, while he secretly tried to smell her hair. The shivering sensation spread quickly in her nerve system. As it was trying to sedate sanity and make room for heinous hunger, for him…

Her head unwillingly started to rotate. She felt a tingling and tickling sensation between her legs, that grew stronger the more she became aware of his presence. His body so close to hers.

Her feminine soft shapes where pressing on his manly rigid one.. Tensions in her body were showing in every part. The wet desire was slowly multiplying. One tear was dripping from her eyes, diverting of ecstasy. Slowly it rolled down over her body as if attracted to an other soaking wet area...

Then she looked in his eyes and opened up for him. Invited him to explore her, to search for secrets inside. A sweet journey with only subtile body movements to guide him. He clearly deifined a path over her smooth overheating body. With the tip of his finger he massaged her and he saw his girl melting with desire.

He conquered every part of her helpless body by breaking down the last ruins of resistance. He was so hard, dominant in control and tender caring at the same time.

All she could do was sink slowly in submission and let him in...
Track Name: Leaving the big city
After some time she had to return home for familial duties. She spent every evening thinking about him and trying to imitate his wonderful caresses. But she missed him so much that the thoughts about him sometimes would hurt a little bit. She just wanted to lay down on his balcony, only wearing small panties, and be effortlessly happy... To be free...

Feel his big and strong manly qualities... And smell the most attractive and arousing fragrance in the whole world; fresh sweat mixed with ocean and young leaves.

All she wanted was to run away from home, jump on a big wave that would drift her ashore. She would lie at the beach waiting for her sweet jungle prince to save her...

She was wishing... And knew wishes can become true if you want them badly enough. As she was determined to do anything to make her dreams and wishes become true...

She set off once more, this time for good...
Track Name: Unfolding themselves
They reunited, and embraced. After he satisfied her in every possible way, they laid down together in after glow. Tight, as if every part of their bodies felt a inconceivable need to submerge in the other... Every centimetre felt like hundreds of miles, as if they were designed that way, to fit flawless into each other.

They looked pure and sweet, and so possessed with one another, that the world around them slowly faded in a dreamy half snooze environment. The overwhelming sleep made her want to melt together even more. Scared that their private dreams would separate them, and would take them both in to different worlds.

Her secret wish; to carve her body print in his hard drive, to immortalise the outer lines of her existence in his soul after invading his compliant body. Just preparing him for the next step, her inner side, when he was ready to open his eyes and see her...

A desperate attempt to make him remember her and a recognition of their compatibility in his special world of personal thoughts and hopes. But even the most worried mind is no competition for the inexorable hypnosis of exhaustion. Resulting in a restless sleep, full of rags from a frightened mind, without the relativising control of the rationalising logic.

Feelings more easily suppressed during the day would unfold themselves and turn in to insatiable monsters, that slowly digested her confidence. Fed on her faith, until there was nothing left but fair and doubt. Like a smash hammer punching holes in a paper wall, built with so much effort, broken down with so much ease…

So she slowly silently suffers and suffocates in her own self deception. The lost lonely longing that only true love can evoke…
Track Name: Fully blossomed
They slowly descended to the bubbly hypnotising world of oscillating waves and buzzing sounds. No restraint in the utterance of honesty by the absence of restrictive working of words. The total calming sound of drawing breath from the air above them, and blowing it back to his liquid rival. And with every inhale they left their philanthropical path of life behind them and replaced it for a stream of clear blue flowing wilderness. This dehumanising feeling of amazing animalistic freedom, expanded with every bask in this deep ambiance.

Evolving from intruding strangers to participating players, embraced by surrounding wildlife accepting them. Hand in hand they besieged with a school of big blooping fish. And all of a sudden they melted together in to a unique elegant dancing enigmatic being. A cross pollination from two creatures, both shaped in such different environments, now fully blossomed on the bottom of the ocean. Following their instincts by amalgamate into a undiscovered creature, not yet noted in the animal kingdom. A rare and almost distinct consequence of pure innocent rawness, not often spotted.

Then the ocean split and the tiny drops of water and replaced with golden glistening shining sun beams. And as the water lit up, all sea life was drawn to this shimmering spectacle. Aquatic plants opened there leaves and left the sparkling water reflect a rainbow of bright colours, from their radiant flowers. Suddenly the sea started to vibrate with life and energies. Thousands of fishes approached the floating lovers and circled around them, forming a cyclone of fins, gills and cold curious eyes. And from a twisting tornado they turned in to an enormous heart.

Weightless the two immobilised bodies lingered in the clear water. A sign of nature, the last approval of their love. That it made sense, was real, that it meant something. A strength that easily covered the globe, guided through the water of every ocean. An intense incontrovertible invincible connection...
Track Name: Braita dayz
He made her dance for him. With his music he could make her body move
in any way he desired. He tried to hypnotise her with his slow rhythms. Her body in total relaxation and being guided as a twirling leaf in a soft breath of air. A beautiful lustful smile appeared on her face, as the smooth sounds of his electric waves penetrated her mind with vibration satisfaction.

Closed eyes, wandering soul; totally full with nothing and empty with everything. A tabula rasa ready to be written on, to be coloured with beautiful bright ink, impregnated with positive thoughts. Sweet melodies that whispered affectionate sounds, and diminished the dark screaming voices, that nestled themselves over years, fed by poisoning insecurity. Healing hertz for a beautiful but breakable brain. Stars appeared in her opening eyes, fixated on him and showing all the sweetness and naughtiness the galaxy could ever offer. Big brown eyes, begging for more, screaming to lose it all…

His nimble fingered hands immediately granted her request and he gave it to her,as never before. Harder and faster he played her through his music. He controlled her, body and mind, from her fluttering eyelashes to her lascivious moving hips. And with his magic hands he send his vibrant tones to her and guided them under her skirt right between her curved legs and moist inner thighs. And from there they moved quickly up in her small panties and tickled her. This stimulation sounds gave her shuddering sensations in her most intimate spots.

There she stood for him, squirming body, while his music just about overwhelmed her cries from delight. As if she was a stringless marionette that surrendered with full compassion to her player. This wonderful creation, lovely product of his environment...
Track Name: Her mouth slowly opened
He teased her by holding his tongue stiff and motionless so she was forced to make hip twisting movements around his mouth. She opened her legs even more, a begging suggestion that she needed more… But a resolute push in her neck, resulting in a genuflection, was the response to her uninhibited conduct.

He forced her on her scratched knees and bent her back by softy blowing stings of air between her wide spread thighs. Her arched back pushed her needy body parts high up, riding on a vacuum flash waiting for one of his sweet things to invade her, to massage her lustily erect girly parts. But he just left her standing like this, in her denigrating impetuous pose. He heartlessly ignored her desperate attempt for satisfaction from her whining moans to her provoking moves. Just stood there, being more turned on by his girl and her useless efforts to convince him to grant her with some satisfaction.

Her vulnerability and slavish posture made his hard and overbearing side take over… And to extend his power even more, he touched her... Put his finger on her special place without moving it, and watch her mouth slowly open, whispering thankful words. Her body started to move, driven by a hypnotising hunger for internal detonations.

He could see the muscles in her thoroughbred limbs squeeze and try to precipitate some movement in his unmoving hand. But he stayed unrelenting, watching her up and down moves go faster and feeling the pressure on his finger become more substantial.

He saw how she took over his hand, sit on it, ride it, let his fingers slide inside her, while she used his thumb for external massaging. She made it in to a wet, slippery emulsion of their body fluids. Sliding back and forth until she squeezed his hand with screaming cries, resulting in shocking spasms and soaking sounds.

His hand, battered by her uncivilised whirling, rest on the floor. She slowly kissed it with her lips, still red and swollen, from her former excitement. A sweet thankful gesture for the passive provider of her apocalyptic orgasm..
Track Name: Each and every moment changed them
She feared so many: monstrum repundium maximum, pistris nutabilis grandis, inmanitas neqior animas and many, many more…

And each and everyone one has changed her, just as love can do.

And as the monsters from her childhood closet crawled their way in, they bitterly twisted her pureness into poison. They blurred her vision, incorporated her sight, so when she perceived her own reflection she just saw them in other peoples’ eyes.
Parasites that thrilled off her anxiety and ate her self esteem. Leaving her hollow heart empty with drained dark dust whilst stuffing innocent thoughts with rich rejection.

They stole her appetite by toxically digesting her will to live. Laughing and mocking her attempt to ostracise them with his love. Oh Sweet jungle boy, bitter concrete man...

All the soft smooth shapes of nature turned into sharp lines, harsh heartless harassment. Cold, distant and impersonal as city life, he send her to exile to fight her monsters alone.

With sand, rock and leave as her only companions now. Loyal honest and faithful friends in whom she might find her equal. A loneliness much more pronounced then being alone, as she had to fight herself. The most daunting of all demons, who stared back at her through a mirror of malice; dismorphia.

Alone in the deep dens of the dark forest she had to face her demons. A weaponless wandering warrior, armed with nothing but the ratio of her curves, a toothless bite, against the vile mouthed creatures, hissing and whispering behind their infinite lines of tusks.

No shields, no walls, no armour, no shelter, no comfort, no signs of home.

Poor lost little maiden, being homeless and without a home.